Jess Waid

Jess Waid is the author of six novels in the Mike Montego police drama series: Shades of Blue, 459 – Framed in Red, The Purple Hand,  He Blew Blue Jazz,  Circle of Yellow, and Kona Gold.

A former policeman and detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, Jess Waid knows what he’s writing about. His Montego novels, set in the Hollywood of the early 1960′s, ooze authenticity.

After retiring from the LAPD, he spent years in northern Idaho, and on the southern Oregon coast, before Jess and his wife, Barbara, moved to central Mexico, where he is starting his seventh Montego manuscript.  Eventually, he intends to turn his attention to a sprawling historical novel set in 19th century Mexico.

Jess Waid can be reached at: jesswaid007@gmail.com.

For further information on Jess Waid’s books and e-books, please contact the publisher’s representative via email, at: randy@netidea.com.

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  1. Ben Bryant, actor, singer, producer, wrote the following regarding my fifth book Circle of Yellow on Amazon. I thought I’d post it here, too: I have read all the other books in the Montego series, found them all compelling. The hero is a multifaceted character, utterly human and believable. The reader (at least this reader) has become totally involved in his three dimensional life. The book tackles the problem of abused women in a very heart-felt and heart-touching way and comes to a satisfying conclusion. If you like reality, experientially based cop stories you can do no better than Jess Waid’s Mike Montego series.

  2. I’ve read Shades of Blue and 459 Framed in Red. I felt like I was there – in the 60’s… Enjoyed both very much!

    1. Thanks, Mike. I do appreciate you taking the time to write. Following The Purple Hand come He Blew Blue Jazz, which is written in first person present tense. A change of pace for me. You might enjoy it, also. Currently, I am working on Circle of Yellow with a domestic violence theme. A real challenge. Again, thank you for your kind words.


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