LAPD Authors

I would like to plug my fellow retired LAPD authors, so I am listing their works below. If I’ve missed someone, drop me a line with the details:



Note: Prices might not be the latest available

Leadership BasicsConquering the Seven Deadly Sins by Art Adkins (Dec 18, 2012) $10.61 Paperback $7.99 Kindle

The Oasis Project by Art Adkins  (May 17, 2010)  $14.00

Power Grid by Art Adkins  (Sept 10, 2010) $14.99 – Kindle $2.99

Undercover Operations Survival in Narcotics Investigations by Tony Alvarez (Jan 1, 1993) $30.95

Battleslave by Ralph Askew (July 6, 2006) Kindle $7.99

City of Passion by Dallas L. Barnes (November 1988) $108, used $.072

Badge of Honor by Dallas L. Barnes (Jan 1, 1976) $19.99 Hardcover, $21.57 Paperback

Deadly Justice by Dallas L. Barnes (July 1, 1987) $6.89

Freedom Dance by Dallas L. Barnes (1985) $7.90

See the Woman by Dallas L. Barnes (1973) $3.58 Hardcover, $3.95 Paperback

Intimate Strangers by Dallas L. Barnes (May 1988) Out of Print – Limited Availability

Yesterday Is Dead by Dallas L. Barnes (Mar 2, 1976) $73.31 Hardcover, $1.99 Paperback

L.A. Rex by Will Beall (September 21, 2006) $14.00 Paperback, $2.66 Hardcover

A Dozen Deadly Roses by Kathy Bennett  (Jun 4, 2011) $3.99

A Deadly Blessing (LAPD Detective Maddie Divine Book 1) by Kathy Bennett  (Apr 8, 2012) $0.99 Kindle

A Deadly Justice (LAPD Detective Maddie Divine) by Kathy Bennett (Jan 20, 2014) $3.99 Kindle

Honor Without Integrity by Brian S. Bentley (July 2004) $8.99

One Time: The Story of A South Central Los Angeles Police Officer by Brian S. Bentley (Dec 1, 1997) $9.99

Hit Me Once, Hit Me Twice by Brian S. Bentley
(Mar 3, 1998) $12.95

Reflections in a Pig’s Eye by Hugh W. Binyon (September 1, 2002) $24.95

Tequila Mockingbird by Paul Bishop (September 1, 1998) $7.99

Chalk Whispers: A Fey Croaker LAPD Crime Novel by Paul Bishop (May 1, 2001) $195.75 Paperback, $3.19 Hardcover

Sand Against the Tide by Paul Bishop, (April 1992) $25.00 Paperback, $17.95 Hardcover

Citadel Run by Paul Bishop (April 15, 1989) $71.90 Paperback, $9.49 Hardcover

Croaker: Kill me Again by Paul Bishop (May 1994) $34.77,  $2.99 Kindle

Twice Dead by Paul Bishop (January 1996) $37.04, $15.51 Paperback

Pattern of Behavior by Paul Bishop (August 2000) $21.95 Paperback

Sins of the Dead by Paul Bishop (September 5, 1994) $0.97

Cop Tales 2000 by multiple authors: Paul Bishop, Ed Dee, Jim Defilippi, Ernest W. Dorling, Liz Defranco, Gina Gallo, Marlene Loos, Marilyn Olsen, and Keith Bettinger  (Jan 1, 2000) $18.95

A Dented Badge by Thomas Blandford (August 17, 2014) $10.13 Paperback, $3.99 Kindle

Coping with Marital Infidelity: How to Catch Your Spouse Cheating by James T. Born, (March 29, 2005) $12.95

You Got Photos? You Got Prints? You ain’t got S.H.I.T.: Some Heavy Intellectual Testimony by Timothy A. Bowen (2007) Currently unavailable

The Turnaround: How America’s Top Cop Reversed the Crime Epidemic by William Bratton, Peter Knobler (January 20, 1998) $20.44

Scene of the Crime: Photographs from the LAPD Archive by William Bratton, James Ellroy, and Tim Wride (October 1, 2004) $287.08

“. . . officer down, code three.” By Pierce R. Brooks (April 1976)  $249.01, $19.89 used

LAPD’s Black History, 1886-1976 by Homer F. Broome (1976) Out of Print—Limited Availability

Guardians of Angels – A History of the Los Angeles Police Department by James A. Bultema (Foreword by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck) (Dec 6, 2013) $12.95 Kindle $51.38 Hardcover $20.55 Paperback

The Centurions’ Shield by Keith and Jake Bushey (1996) $225.00 Hardcover $29.95 Paperback

The Many Forks in My Many Roads by Keith D. Bushey (autobiography) (2012) &70 Hardcover

Uniform Decisions – My Life in the LAPD and the North Hollywood Shootout by John Caprarelli with Lee Mindham  (Dec 27, 2011) $13.46 Paperback – $7.99

LAPD’s Rogue Cops by Vincent A. Carter (February 1993) $100.00

Call of Duty My Life Before, During and After the Band of Brothers by Lt. Lynn Compton, Marcus Brotherton and John McCain (Foreword) (May 6, 2008) $10.20, Paperback, $4.98 Hardcover, $12.99 Kindle

Beyond Recognition – A True Story of Service, Dedication and Betrayal by Ron Corbin (Feb 8, 2013) $2.99 Kindle $11.66 Paperback

The Fear of Reality by John M. Coyle (July 27, 2006) $16.40

The Magic & Mystery of Johnny Copper by Clyde L. Cronkhite (April 3, 2014) $0.99 Kindle $8.12 Paperback

Criminal Justice Administration by Clyde Cronkhite (Oct 15, 2007) $84.28

Law Enforcement and Justice Administration (Second Edition) by Clyde Cronkhite  (Jan 15, 2012) $126.95/$58.25 Paperback

Staff One: A Perspective on Effective Police Management by Edward M. Davis (June 1978) $9.92

Criminal Investigation Standards by Joseph C. De Ladurantey and Daniel R. Sullivan (August 1979) $0.44 Hardcover, $3.95 Paperback

Cowards, Crooks, and Warriors by J.C. De Ladurantey (April 24, 2015) $20.95 paperback

Fallen Angels by Connie Dial (Apr 20, 2012) $22.04, $9.99 Kindle

Internal Affairs by Connie Dial (Jun 1, 2009) $21.29, $15.40 Kindle

The Broken Blue Line by Connie Dial (Jun 1, 2010) $21.28, $15.40 

To Norma Jeane with Love, Jimmie by Jim Dougherty and LC Van Savage (Narrator) (January 1, 2001) $16.95

Boot: An L.A.P.D. Officer’s Rookie Year by William C. Dunn (November 1996) $39.99

California Criminal Evidence Workbook by Marvin G. Engquist (June  23,  2006) $45.00

The Streets are Blue by Gary Farmer (June 5, 2014) $3.49 Nook book Paperback $25.53 Hardcover $37.32

The Buffalo Rock by Bob Faulkner (Aug 8, 2008) $30.00

Police Technology by Raymond E. Foster (August 2, 2004) $33.23

Murder in Brentwood by Mark Fuhrman (October 1, 1997) $6.99

Murder in Greenwich: Who Killed Martha Moxley? by Mark Fuhrman  (May 13, 1998) $9.25 Hardcover, $24.08 Paperback

The Murder Business: How the Media Turns Crime Into Entertainment and Subverts Justice by Mark Fuhrman (October 13, 2009)

A Simple Act of Murder: November 22, 1963 by Mark Fuhrman (May 2, 2006) $2.95 Hardcover, $6.87 Paperback

Death and Justice by Mark Fuhrman (Sep 28, 2004) $13.99 Paperback, $7.59 Kindle

Murder in Spokane: Catching a Serial Killer by Mark Fuhrman (May 22, 2001) $2.06 Hardcover, $15.78 Paperback

Silent Witness: The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo’s Death
 by Mark  Fuhrman (July 1, 2005) $2.36 Hardcover, $9.99 Kindle

Chief: My Life in the L.A.P.D. by Daryl Gates  (May 1, 1992) $10.00 Hardcover, $50.00 Paperback

Introduction to Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice by A.C. Germann (June 1988) $64.95

Eclipse of the Blue by David E. Gray (October 22, 2012) $3.99 Kindle $28.72 Hardcover $17.99 Paperback

The Warrior in Me by D. E. Gray (Mar 9, 2010) $19.99, $7.69 

True to the Blue by D. E. Gray (Jan 26, 2011) $29.99, $9.99 Kindle

Conflict in Blue – The Marissa Ortega Story by D. E. Gray (October 9, 2013) Hardcover $26.99 Paperback $17.70

Outside The Badge by Mitchell Grobeson (May 2000) $24.50

Sergeant Ranger and the Cocaine by Bruce A. Hartford (March 5, 2007) $15.99 Paperback, $3.99 Kindle

Policewoman One by Gayleen Hayes with Kathleen Moloney (October  1, 1993) $6.95 Hardcover, $11.00 Paperback

Images of America – Los Angeles Police Department by Tom Hays and Art Sjoquist (Oct 10, 2005) $19.99

Bravo November 283 by Bill Heard (August 22, 2006) $28.00

Sorcerer’s Apprentice: The Training and Adventures of an Operational Remote Viewer by John Herlosky (No information available)

In the Arms of an Angel by Christine Hester (Aug 29, 2012) $29.99

Black Dahlia Avenger by Steve Hodel (Apr 11, 2003) $11.18, $0.99

Most Evil by Steve Hodel (Sep 22, 2009) $3.99, $7.99 Kindle $28.95 Paperback

Black Dahlia Avenger II by Steve Hodel (Revised Edition May 13, 2014) $4.99
  Kindle $34.20 Hardcover $21.80 Paperback (May 13, 2014)

Political Sabotage: the LAPD Experience; Attitudes Toward Understand  Police Use of Force by Richard M. Holbrook (June 30, 2004) $8.39

The Vigilante Hunters by John Hone (July 29, 2014) $21.56 Hardcover, $2.99 Kindle

Special Unit Senator: The Investigation of the Assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy by Robert A. Houghton (1970) $3.98

Vagabond Policeman by Max K. Hurlbut (to order e-mail

Supervision of Police Personnel (7th Edition) by Nathan F. Iannone and Marvin P. Iannone  (June 28, 2008) $109.13

Blue In The Raw by Louis “Action” Jackson (July 1, 2007) $113.42 Out of Print – Limited Availability

Chief Steckel unmasked: “Racket” infested Los Angeles: Why was Steckel made Chief? Who caught Marco? High hand brutality. “Runners-up”  for Chief. . . . “racket”. “Frame-ups.” What is the future? by T. Horton James (68 pages, no further information)

Dark Trade by La Mont A. Jerrett(October 15, 2002) $28.95 Hardcover, $25.50 Paperback

Nogales Crossing by David R. Jones (May 20, 2008) $16.95 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle

I Do Solemnly Swear by David R. Jones (September 1993) $0.75

Defender of the Angels: A Black Policeman in Old Los Angeles by Jesse Kimbrough (May 2001) $9.99 Out of Print—Limited Availability

Islam and Barack Hussein Obama by Stephen M. Kirby, Ph.D. (Jul 20, 2010) $16.88 Paperback

Letting Islam Be Islam by Stephen M. Kirby, Ph.D. (Oct 1, 2012) $18.18

Presumed Guilty: The Tragedy of the Rodney King Affair by Stacey Koon  with Robert Deitz (October 25, 1992) $3.83 Hardcover

The Messiah’s Spy by Ted Kozak (November 22, 2013) $4.99 Kindle

Alex and Christina – Saving Lumenaria: The Extraordinary Adventures of the Brenner Twins by Ted Kozak (September 25, 2014) $4.99 Kindle

Alex and Christina – Saving Lumenaria: The Extraordinary Adventures of the Brenner Twins by Ted Kozak (September 25, 2014) $4.99 Kindle

Orphan’s Asylum by Mike Krecioch (Feb 20, 2008) $18.23 Paperback, $8.49 Nook Book $3.99 Kindle

Evidence Dismissed by Tom Lange, Phillip Vannatter, and Dan E. Moldea (September 1, 1997) $335.99 Paperback, $3.99 Hardcover

C.U.B.O (Conduct Unbecoming An Officer) by Don E. Lucier (November 1991) $11.66

Executive Protection: A Professional’s Guide To Bodyguarding by Benny Mares (November 1, 1994) $15.00

Terpsihori – A Greek Woman, An American Immigrant by Michael George Markulis (September 25, 2014)  $11.66 paperback

Inside the Blue Klux Klan: LAPD, Through the Eyes of a Black Police  Officer by Bobby R. Marshall (September 2003)

Nine-O Adam by Adam Matkowsky (February 23, 2004) $19.95 Paperback, $3.99 Kindle

More Than Money . . . a police novel by D. Clayton Mayes (August 19, 2002) $17.50 Paperback, $28.95 Hardcover

The Management of Police Specialized tactical Units by Ronald M. McCarthy and Tomas C. Mijares, Ph.D. (October 1, 2008) $49.95

Cop: A True Story by Michael Middleton and Michael L. Middleton (May 1, 2000) $16.95 Paperback, $2.99 Hardcover

Medal of Valor Firefighters: Gripping Tales of Bravery from America’s Decorated Heroes by Michael. L. Middleton (June 20, 2003) $29.99 Paperback, $9.99 Kindle

Hollywood Nights by Jerry Minton (September 23, 2002) $17.92

Lessons from a Gang Cop by Tony Moreno (May 10, 2005) $67.12, $12.67 used

To Die For Chocolate by Paul G. Nelson (May 10, 2008) $52.74

Top 10 Crime: Don’t Be the Next Victim by Tony Newsom (June 4, 2007) $13.99

Student Safety Tips 40 That Every 1st & 2nd Grader Must know: The 3rd Edition by Tony Newsom, (March 4, 2009) $6.99

My Private Vietnam: 14 Stories by a Marine Ammo Humper by Tony Newsom (September 2000) $9.99

The Parent’s Guide For Raising Safer K-12 Students by Tony Newsom (January 11, 2008) $8.99

Middle School: Student Safety Tips by Tony Newsom (December 12, 2007) Not Available

High School: Student Safety Tips by Tony Newsom (December 12, 2007) Not Available

College: Student Safety Tips: The 3rd edition by Tony Newsom (March 4, 2009) $8.99

Student Safety Tips – 45 That Every 3rd-5th Graders Must Know! By Tony Newsom (No further Information)

Heading Home To Heaven by Michael A. Nichols (pen name Wesley Mountain) (June 24, 2004) $11.69

Our Heavenly Home by Michael A. Nichols (Wesley Mountain) (November 5, 2004) $8.78

Discovering Divine Diamonds by Michael A. Nichols (Wesley Mountain) (April 6, 2004) $11.69

Amazing Ride by Michael A. Nichols (Wesley Mountain) (July 20, 2005) $11.69

Shouting Stones by Michael A. Nichols (Wesley Mountain) (September 9, 2006) $13.25

Who is in Control? By Michael A. Nichols (Wesley Mountain) (March 10, 2004) $11.69

Basic Bible Prophecy by Michael A. Nichols (Wesley Mountain) (July 22, 2006) $12.47

Priceless Power of Prayer by Michael A. Nichols (Wesley Mountain)  (March 27, 2004) $9.34

I-400 Japan’s Secret Aircraft-Carrying Strike Submarine – Objective  Panama Canal by Gary Nila, Henry Sakaida ad Koji Takaki  (May 13, 2006) $129.99, $64.86 used

Japanese Naval Aviation Uniforms and Equipment 1937-45 (Elite) by Gary Nila and Bill Younghusband (Illustrator) (October 18, 2002) $18.95

Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces: Uniforms and equipment 1932-45 (Men-at-Arms) by Gary Nila, Robert A. Rolfe and Christa Hook (Illustrator) (June 27, 2006) $28.00 Paperback, $3.99 Kindle

The other end of the gun: Eulia Love officer-involved shooting: a true  story by Lloyd W. O’Callaghan (January 2, 1981) $475.99, $9.99 Kindle

Street Narcotic Enforcement by E. W. “Ted” Oglesby and Joe Klein (October 1997) $125.20, $9.02 used

Angel dust: What everyone should know about PCP by E. W. “Ted” Oglesby (1979) $5.82

O’Grady: The life and times of Hollywood’s no 1 private eye [Loose Leaf] by John O’Grady (1974) $125.16, $4.95 used

Investigation Hollywood by Fred Otash (1976) $171.88 Hardcover, $1.75 used

Lying Eyes: The Truth Behind the Corruption and Brutality of the LAPD  and the Beating of Rodney King by Tom Owens, with Rod Browning (April 1994) $1.69

Drug Information Handbook for the Criminal Justice Professional  (Copware) by Marcelline Burns Ph.D. and Thomas E. Page, M.A. (September 2004) $49.98

Medical-Legal Aspects of Abused Substances: Old & NewLicit & Illicit by Marcelline Burns, Ph.D. and Thomas E Page, M.A. (July 26, 2005) $79.00, $67.11 used

Parker on Police by William H. Parker (January 1, 1957) $89.99

Ned’s Story by Edward (Ned) Pinhey (February 18, 2011) $0.99 Kindle

The Mormon Cartel (Sgt Tom Gay, Hollywood Detective Novels) by Edward L. Pinhey (January 26, 2011) $4.99 Kindle

Hollywood Dicks by Edward L. Pinhey  (April 18, 2010) $4.99 Kindle

“G’d Up” 24/7 – The GHB Addiction Guide by Trinka Porrata (June 1, 2007) $34.99

War Stories Lived by a L.A. Cop by Robert E. Reynolds (August 1, 2012) $16.41 Kindle $17.41 Paperback

Hit the Streets: The other side of the Badge by Steven C. Rose  (November 7, 2005) $50.53, $5.54 used

155 Ways to Beat that Traffic Ticket by Steven C. Rose, LAPD Retired  (April 25, 2007) $49.64

My Hero: Military Kids Write About Their Moms and Dads by Allen Appel and Mike Rothmiller (May 13 2008) $1.21 Hardcover

L.A. Secret Police: Inside the LAPD Elite Spy Network: L.A. Secret Police: Inside the LAPD Elite Spy Network by Ivan G. Goldman and Mike  Rothmiller (August 1, 1992) $14.88 Paperback

Old Dog’s Guide for Pups: Advice and Rules for Human Training by Allen Appel and Mike Rothmiller (November 4, 2000) $19.99, $0.01 used

War Stories Lived by a L.A. Cop by Robert E. Reynolds (Aug 1, 2012)  $16.54 Kindle $17.41 Paperback

Good Cop Dead Cop by Bob Ruchhoft and Phil Smith (February 8, 2010)  $17.85 Hardcover $15.32 Paperback

Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of  the Age of Oil by Michael C. Ruppert (October 1, 2004) $19.77, $4.03 used

CIA, Drugs, Wall Street and the 9-11 Connection (Building a Better Map) by Michael Ruppert (2002) $50 audio CD (Currently unavailable)

The Brief Future of Oil: Building a Better Map Lecture Series – Number 2 by Michael C. Ruppert (2004) $88.40 Audio, CD, $2.94 used

Building a Better Map; Lecture Series #2 The Brief Future of Oil by Michael C. Ruppert (2004) (Currently unavailable)

Author predicts coming energy crisis. (Environment)(World has consumed almost half of the available oil on the planet, Michael Ruppert says): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Michael Ruppert (July 25, 2005) $5.95 [HTML][Digital}

Law Enforcement, Communication and Community (Advances in Consciousness Research) by George Mandler[Camarino Sanchez] (May 23, 2002) $33.99, (No indication of Sanchez as author unless a pen name)

Apprehending Fleeing Suspects: Suspect Tactics And Perimeter Control by Jack H. Schonely (January 1, 2005) $24.95

The Adventures of Officer Byrd by Michael Simonsen (2007) $4.40, $0.88  used

Not All Heroes – An Unapologetic Memoir of the Vietnam War 1971 – 1972 by Gary E. Skogen $29.95 Hardcover

The BCMC – The Big City Motor Cop by Gary Smith (July 29, 2009) $19.99, $9.99 

Hide and Seek – The Warrant Game by Gary Smith (Apr 6, 2011) $19.99, $9.99 

Hollywood Goes on Location by Leon Smith (January 1, 1993) $5.89,  $148 used

Famous Hollywood Locations: Descriptions and Photographs of 382 Sites Involving 289 Films and 105 Television Series by Leon Smith (July 1993) $21.00 Hardcover, $35.00 Paperback, $26.00 used

Casey Teel by Dale Sprinkle (Sep 29, 2011) $16.95 Hardcover $12.50 Softcover $9.99 Authorhouse e-book

Thicker’N Thieves: The Factual Expose of Police Pay-Offs, Graft, Political Corruption and Prostitution in Los Angeles and Hollywood by Charles Stoker, Steve Hodel (Introduction) (March 13, 2012) $17.25  $7.55 Kindle

The First Crime Scene by Frank Tomlinson  (Oct 17, 2009) $16.19 Paperback

No One Escapes: The Effects of Bearing God’s Image by Frank Tomlinson  (Nov 24, 2011) $17.09 Paperback

L.A. Justice by Robert L. Vernon (January 1993) $0.75, $3.94 collectible, $25.95 (unknown binding)

L.A. Justice: Lessons from the Firestorm by Robert L. Vernon (April 13, 2011) $15.00 Paperback, $23.98 Hardcover

Character: The Foundation Of Leadership by Robert L. Vernon (April 9, 2009) $14.95, $9.95 Kindle

The SWAT Pioneers – A History of the LAPD’s SWAT Program 1965-1972 by Rik Violano (Jan 1, 2006) $30.00

Crime Fighter: August Vollmer by Alfred E. Parker (A biography of  Vollmer) (1961) $10.50

Crime Crooks & Cops by August Parker, Alfred E. Vollmer (1937) $4.46 Used Hardcover, $95 Collectible

The criminal (Police science series) by August Vollmer  (no further information)

The police and modern society by August Vollmer (1972) $2.17 Hardcover

The case against capital punishment in California: A special message to the          California State Legislature (no further information)

Police bureau survey, city of Portland, Oregon: Submitted to Mayor Earl Riley by August Vollmer (1931) Out of Print – Limited Availability

To Ride a Hurricane by William L. Walker  (Mar 3, 2008) $28.80, $15.95

To Ride a Hurricane II The Redemption by William L. Walker (Dec 6, 2011) $29.95, $29.95 Kindle

There’s a Fish in the Courthouse by Garth (Gary) L. Wean (2nd Edition, September 1992) $170.00, used $80.00

Love Forever Lost by Robert Wheeler (September 12, 2000) $19.95, $3.99  Kindle

Beyond Yesterday by Robert Wheeler (2003) $0.01 Paperback, $20.00 Collectible

Conflict in Blue: Behind the Badge by Richard B. Whitaker (April 19, 2007) $11.69 Paperback

Soldier: Behind The Badge by Ruben Benjamin Whittington (July 28,  2003) Out of Print – Limited Availability

Code Two ’N’ a Half by William W. Wilhelm (October 15, 2008) $12.95 Paperback, $5.95 Kindle

Criminal Intelligence for the 21st Century –A Guide for Intelligence Professionals $35.00 (e-mail tor purchase)

Taking Back Our Streets: Fighting Crime in America by Willie L. Williams (April 22, 1996) $2.72

NOTE: Books by Joseph Wambaugh (LAPD from 1960-1974) are world famous:

Hollywood Station

         The Blue Knight

         Fire Lover

         Lines and Shadows

         Fugitive Nights

         The Golden Orange

         The Glitter Dome

         The Secrets of Harry Bright

         The Choirboys

         The Onion Field

         The New Centurions

         Echoes in the Darkness

         The Delta Star


         The Blooding

         The Black Marble



1 thought on “LAPD Authors

  1. I was sworn in Jan 69 with LASD. Worked SBI and hung out in Chinatown…. Read all three of Dallas Barnes books (See the Woman by Dallas L. Barnes (1973) ) when they came out and always wondered what happened to him? Loved his books. Do you have any clues?
    Old and retired now, crazy memories. Will check out some of these other books.

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