An Author’s Best Friend


Thor, at seven months
Thor, at seven months
Thor is going to be one (very) big boy...
Thor is going to be one (very) big boy…


Thor ensures I don’t spend the entire day hunched over my computer, writing.

About jesswaid

Currently, I write police procedural novels with the stories taking place in Hollywood during the early 1960s; a period when I was a street cop there. I've moved to Mexico to be closer to my hobby of studying Mexican history. My friend and fellow author, Professor Michael Hogan, is my mentor. I am planning to write a three-part epic story that takes place in the mid-nineteenth century. What has inspired me was hearing about Los Ninos Heroes, martyrs of the Battle of Chapultepec. Also, my father was born in Concordia, Mexico and knowing his family history is an added incentive.

2 thoughts on “An Author’s Best Friend

  1. Jess,
    Looks like paradise. Thor looks like a great watch dog and friend. Hope all is well with my LAPD partner.
    Jim 11452

    1. It is nice here and Thor is growing like a weed. He’s quite the watch dog, but tends to bark at nothing. Hopefully, when he’s older he will calm down. He’s got a great personality and gets along with other dogs quite well.

      I am about a week away from having my first three books available online and in trade paperback. As I might have told you some time back, I had to rewrite portions of *TPH* to fit with the preceding two books. The stories follow a chronological order. The paperbacks go for $19.99 and the e-books at $2.99. Please talk them up to all your friends and neighbors after the first of April.

      I have *He Blew Blue Jazz* going through final editing; meanwhile, I’ve started book #5, the working title is *Color Him Yellow. *The theme is domestic violence. It likely will be my last police story before I begin my research on Mexican history for an eventual historical novel (an epic). “Yellow” also sets the groundwork for a book Barbara is writing, using some of the same characters. Her book, *Evil She Says*, takes place twenty years later and capitalizes on the “infamous” McMartin PreSchool Sex Scandal in Manhattan Beach. It will be an eye-opening story.

      I trust all is well with you guys and that the tree in your driveway is growing the way you wanted.

      *Jess Waid* ** Author, *Mike Montego Series, *available in trade paperback& e-book April 1st

      Watch for the forthcoming *He Blew Blue Jazz*

      * * Mike Montego Radio

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