Our four-legged security system, Thor, at four weeks

We’re moving to Mexico soon. While the area we’re moving to is far safer than many a neighborhood in the States, home security is still an issue.

Thus Thor.

This cute little denizen of Camp Verde, Arizona, will be picked up en route to our lovely new digs south of the border. Before you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” Thor will have grown a bit, ready and able to make unwelcome visitors to our hacienda nueva wish they’d dropped in somewhere else!

Who needs a .357 magnum?

So when you drop by for a visit, be sure to ring the doorbell, smile a lot — and bring a Milkbone or two!

About jesswaid

Currently, I write police procedural novels with the stories taking place in Hollywood during the early 1960s; a period when I was a street cop there. I've moved to Mexico to be closer to my hobby of studying Mexican history. My friend and fellow author, Professor Michael Hogan, is my mentor. I am planning to write a three-part epic story that takes place in the mid-nineteenth century. What has inspired me was hearing about Los Ninos Heroes, martyrs of the Battle of Chapultepec. Also, my father was born in Concordia, Mexico and knowing his family history is an added incentive.

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